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The Graphics Guy Speaks on How to Get Better Local Search Result

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Thank you to all that came to my sold-out event at the Bacon & Business networking event where I spoke to 30± business leaders on how to get better results in Google searches by enhancing your Google Business Profile, formally Google My Business. You can watch the video below or read my step-by-step instructions here: https://roberthazelrigg.com/does-your-business-even-need-a-website/ Click to Watch Video Learn more about the Chamber of Commerce here: https://gotcc.org/
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Who wants to be on top of google searches? The 4 Leading Factors to Top Google’s SERP

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The 4 Leading Factors to Top Google’s SERP Earlier this week I was on the phone speaking with a Google tech who told me the four things google’s algorithm looks at most when determining who gets to the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). If you are a business owner you obviously know how important it is to show up at the top of google searches. You probably also know it’s not an easy task to achieve. There are so many variables that google uses to give your site authority over the rest of the pack. On top of that, those variables are constantly changing. So, if you are reading this article 6 months from now it’s likely these factors have changed. With that said here is what I was told would benefit your website the most over the…

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Two Years since my last post… Wow have I been busy.

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It’s so hard for me to believe it but it’s been TWO years since my last blog post. It’s insane how fast time goes when you are busy and boy oh boy have I been busy. In the last 2 years, I’ve built countless websites, designed dozens of logos, thousands of business cards and so so much more. I’ve also become much more active on Linkedin (with little or no results) and Instagram, again not much panning out there but at least I’m having fun, BUT enough about what I’ve been doing. How about I talk a bit about my background? Since 1988 I’ve been working in Marketing and publishing as a graphic designer and graphic artist. Yes, there is a difference. Ask me to write a post about it and maybe I will.  So way back in 1988, I…

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Ocean Twp. Graphic Design

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In 1974 my father won the graphic design contest for his Township of Ocean town seal. Fouty-Two years later the Mayor Christopher P. Siciliano asked me to redeisgn or modernize it. Today, my design can be seen on all the municple trucks, street signes and much more. You can download a copy of each logo by right clicking on its corresponding image below. The original 1974 logo design by Bob Hazelrigg Sr. The 2016 redesign logo by Robert Hazelrigg Jr The 2016 Town Seal design with the Tag line by The Graphics Guy
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15 Tips to Your Beat Your Competition

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Your company is in competition with many other like-minded businesses, and you’re all fighting for the same reason – to survive and thrive. It’s the economy that has small studios and freelancers fighting against each other… just to survive. How can you outwit the competition and rise above them to win the clients over? There are so many tricks that will help you outsmart and outdo your competitors – putting attention on customer service, making use of search engines, etc. By employing any or all of the 15 tips, you can rise above the competition to become the best of the best. Learn What Your Unique Selling Proposition Is It’s imperative that you know what your USP is and, if you don’t have a clue what this is, you need to find out. What makes your business unique? How do you…

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