Robert Hazelrigg’s journey from Brookdale Community College to becoming a successful graphic designer is a true testament to following one’s passion and staying committed to continuous learning and innovation.

His story begins at Brookdale Community College in 1988, where he first pursued an architecture degree encouraged by his father, who ran an architectural business. However, Hazelrigg’s true passion lay elsewhere, and it was during a graphic design class, taken just for fun, that he discovered his calling. His unique blend of artistic talent, humor, and a knack for technology made him stand out in class, catching the eye of his professor, Daniel Schroll.

After two years at Brookdale, Hazelrigg transferred to Rutgers University to continue his studies in graphic design and programming. The late 1980s and early 1990s marked the desktop publishing revolution, aligning perfectly with Hazelrigg’s interests. His dedication and innovation at Rutgers led him to create custom scripts for design applications, earning him a job offer from Connors Publishing even before graduating.

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