My reasons for being




Weld, ME  Franklyn County. Population 56

What to look for

  • Bad/ugly business cards
  • Horrible logos (clip-art)
  • Business cards that are hard to read
  • Websites with small (not mobile-friendly) buttons/navigation
  • Website with broken images and icons
  • Websites with copyright old dates
  • Complaints and slumping sales

    How to refer The Graphics Guy

    • Hand them my card and tell them how easy I am to work with
    • Let them know I do outstanding design work
    • Let them know I’m affordable
    • Let them know how much I care

    …because I achieve my success by making their business look great.

    Who I’m Looking for


    That need Logos, Business Cards, Brochures, and a Website


    Looking for help marketing or refreshing their branding


    Looking for Freelancers for small projects

    The Graphics Guy is gettin’ out there.

    I had a very nice Alumn Stoplight write-up on Brookdale’s website. I gave a nationwide  Presentation on how to create a successful online presence for your business.  Plus I’ve been helping both the GOTCC and The LBCC with their marketing plans.

    Case Study: Quad-Fold Brochure (gatefold)

    Real Estate Brochure for  Jeff Brown of Exit Realty Commercial Division

    International Organization

    Course held in conjunction with Columbia Law School for CLE Credits. 

    BNI referral from 2010

    From This 1 referral in 2010, I’ve designed dozens of its members’ logos and websites.  as well as  landing a competing organization as a client that functions out of Forhman University. 

    One of Dozens

    The CIArbNY has hundreds of members

    Since 2010 I have built numerous for its members, the members of NYIAC as well as the New York Arbitration Week memebers

    Print Ads

    Logo Design

    All Below are BNI referral

    • Board and Brie Grazing Co.  (Dawn)
    • Sun Ray Beach Homes (Former Member)
    • Denny Consulting (second-tier German co. from Tom Madden)

    First Japanese Client

    BNI referral from Tom Madden

    Left desktop view,  2 mobils pages view below