I was recently asked what is my best resource for leads.

My Reply Was “My Community”.

I believe that the most effective way of expanding your business extends beyond social media. Instead, it involves actively engaging in business networking and cultivating authentic face-to-face relationships. Networking is how I generate more than 80% of my income. 18% of my leads originate from my website, while the rest are derived from social media channels. I’ve observed that social media has become less effective over time. In its heyday from 2007 to 2009, I successfully expanded my fan base to over 17,000 followers, generating 3-4 leads per week. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of social media has declined steadily since 2014.

Nowadays, the cost of Facebook ads has surpassed their perceived value, rarely resulting in meaningful and profitable business connections. Facebook and Instagram perform comparably to newspapers from 25 years ago, while LinkedIn is a terribly unproductive environment. I have over 9,000 first-hand connections on Linkedin I’ve been there since 2004. I even had my profile used in LinkedIn’s marketing in 2009, “recognized as a LinkedIn innovative leader.” Yet, I can count on my hands how many good leads I’ve gotten from LinkedIn over the past 20+ years. Regarding TikTok and Snapchat, their impact seems mediocre.  I believe the “influencer” bubble has popped. The trend trend has lost its authenticity, with average individuals promoting unnecessary products merely for financial gain. While there may still be potential for the naive younger demographic, I prefer to invest my time in community networking, where I can generate a substantial income exceeding six figures.

Clients I’ve landed from referrals

  • Citibank, London HQ
  • Syms Corp. NYC
  • CIArbNY, at Columbia Law School
  • New York Arbitration Week via NYiAC of Fordham University
  • Real Estate New Jersey Magazine
  • Dining Out Jersey Magazine


Clients Locations

  • London
  • Japan
  • China
  • Germany
  • California
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Maine
  • NJ and many more

If you’re considering a strategic shift, I recommend distancing yourself from the challenges posed by the Facebook/Instagram advertising landscape. Digital ads on social media platforms often demand excessive budgets without delivering significant results. From my experience over the past 2-2.5 years, Google Local Ads have emerged as the most cost-effective option, providing the best return on investment for digital marketing efforts.

However, if you’re genuinely committed to substantial business growth, I encourage you to explore the power of networking and relationship-building. I would gladly offer insights and connect you with my network of partners, associates, and friends within our community of dedicated networkers.

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