Effective logos not only exhibit visual appeal but also successfully represent a brand. A logo’s true triumph lies in its ability to instantly convey the associated brand, solely through its design. Considering this, a logo quiz can be instrumental in determining the most accomplished logos.

Presented below is an extraordinary logo quiz featuring 100 brand emblems to identify. These encompass a wide range, from technology companies and restaurant chains to social media platforms. A few of these logos are so renowned that they have secured a place in our compilation of the greatest logos of all time. Most people are likely to recognize them effortlessly, but there are a few designs in this quiz that may be a tad more obscure. How well do you think you’ll fare?

The Quiz Show, a YouTube channel dedicated to quizzes and puzzles, regularly releases new videos every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Their recent edition, a captivating 15-minute logo quiz, presents an intriguing challenge for enthusiasts of logo design. With a staggering 100 logos to identify, a thorough understanding of various brands is crucial, especially when dealing with logos that have text removed.

Each logo flashes on the screen for a brief moment before the answer is unveiled, eliminating the suspense of waiting for confirmation. However, quick thinking is imperative for accurate guesses. Some logos are quite straightforward, including exceptional car logos and textless designs. Despite our extensive knowledge of logo design, we must confess that we couldn’t identify all 100 logos (I somehow overlooked the launch of MrBeast’s virtual burger joint).

Good Luck:  Click here to see the video