All provider listings within Local Services are exhibited and prioritized through an auction mechanism, where the top-ranked ads are displayed first. This auction process employed by Local Services Ads determines the order of profiles for a specific search, taking into consideration both the bid and the overall quality of the profile. Various factors influence the auction, including:

  1. Verification status: Providers with Google badges of trust, such as Google Screened or Google Guaranteed, hold a higher ranking than those without these badges.
  2. Bid amount: Your bid represents the maximum you’re willing to pay for a lead, with the possibility of paying less.

We recommend opting for “Maximize Leads” as your bid mode, allowing Google to set your bid to maximize leads within your budget. Providers with equivalent quality and budgets utilizing “Maximize Leads” typically receive more leads than those who do not.

  1. Likelihood of generating a lead: This is influenced by factors such as your responsiveness to customer inquiries, the context of a customer’s search, and the relevance of your business to the customer’s needs.
  2. Enablement of messages and/or booking leads: Providing additional ways for customers to reach you, especially during periods when phone calls may go unanswered, can increase the likelihood of receiving leads.
  3. Profile quality: Your rating, number of reviews, average response time, and other business information that influences user preferences contribute to profile quality. Higher quality profiles may secure higher rankings and potentially lower costs per lead.

Ads ranking also emphasizes the overall health and diversity of the Local Services Ads ecosystem, ensuring ample opportunities for all providers. Continuous experimentation is conducted to enhance the user experience and deliver optimal results.

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