Ocean Twp. Graphic Design

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In 1974 my father won the graphic design contest for his Township of Ocean town seal. Fouty-Two years later the Mayor Christopher P. Siciliano asked me to redeisgn or modernize it. Today, my design can be seen on all the municple trucks, street signes and much more. You can download a copy of each logo by right clicking on its corresponding image below. The original 1974 logo design by Bob Hazelrigg Sr. The 2016 redesign logo by Robert Hazelrigg Jr The 2016 Town Seal design with the Tag line by The Graphics Guy
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Simple Internet Marketing Solutions

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Simple Internet Marketing Solutions for Startup Companies Get your business online fast, affordably and done the right way.   PLANS: Quick Start $1,350 You Save $500 Simple Solution $2,750 You Save $700 Startup Complete $4,750 You Save $1,000 Logo Included Included Included Business Cards 250 500 1,000 Stationary Design Included Included Included Website Design Single Page 5 Pages 7 Pages Website Hosting 12 Months of Hosting & Domain Registry 36 Months of Hosting & Domain Registry 60 Months of Hosting & Domain Registry Social Networks • Facebook • Facebook • Twitter • YouTube • Facebook • Twitter • YouTube • Linkedin Directory Listings • Google • Google • Yahoo • Yelp! • Google • Yahoo • Yelp! and 40 more
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15 Tips to Your Beat Your Competition

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Your company is in competition with many other like-minded businesses, and you’re all fighting for the same reason – to survive and thrive. It’s the economy that has small studios and freelancers fighting against each other… just to survive. How can you outwit the competition and rise above them to win the clients over? There are so many tricks that will help you outsmart and outdo your competitors – putting attention on customer service, making use of search engines, etc. By employing any or all of the 15 tips, you can rise above the competition to become the best of the best. Learn What Your Unique Selling Proposition Is It’s imperative that you know what your USP is and, if you don’t have a clue what this is, you need to find out. What makes your business unique? How do you…

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More than 25 Years of Graphic Design Experience

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With 25 years of professional experience in corporate, “big brand” graphic communications, Robert Hazelrigg AKA: The Graphics Guy in West Long Branch has worked for some of the world’s largest companies and most respected brands. Robert’s extensive client list illustrates his ability to deliver proven results creatively and generate great ROI for companies of all sizes. The Graphics Guy provides innovative marketing solutions for small businesses, major retailers, and global corporations. No matter what your business needs, Robert provides world-class, cutting edge, targeted marketing services. Now more then ever your business needs an edge over the competition. Robert designs fresh, innovative marketing solutions that will elevate your brand to the next level of professionalism. Robert understands that you only have a few seconds to catch your prospective customer’s attention, and it’s imperative to highlight your company’s unique value and/or product/service…

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Why You Need to Hire a Designer

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So you’ve decided to hire a web pro. Congratulations! But before signing a contract and turning them loose on your web page design, you need to take the time to do some investigating. After all, this person is your potential partner in creating an online presence that the world will see. In addition to the obvious issue of vetting their technical abilities, you should size up their ethics, responsiveness, professionalism, and communication skills to determine if this candidate is the kind of person you want on your team. OK, makes sense, yet you’re not Sherlock Holmes, or even Dr. Watson, so how do you accomplish such an appraisal? It’s elementary! According to Harvard Business School Professor Amy Cuddy in her book Presence, upon a first-time encounter, people ask themselves two basic questions to assess the stranger: Can I trust this person?…

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The Graphics Guy for your Logo Design

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Once you start a business, the first things you need to do is create an attractive visual image that could clearly and even distinctly represent it. Basically, you should have an impressionable logo design that can put across your business as a distinguished body. A logo is a very vital and as well very unique graphic or word mark that helps to attract people’s acceptance. Many business enterprises and also organizations use their logo as their brand image. Individuals and customers can simply identify the company or brand name by their logo; therefore it is quite essential to get a good and also commendable logo to portray a business. The result of the services of graphic creators is very attractive, it’s intriguing to note that presently lots of people associate graphic designers only with the print medium. Discerning graphic designers…

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How to Optimize Graphics & Images So Google Can Index Them

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In order to make it easier for Google to find and index your photos/graphics, Google suggests the following: 1) Only Use Google-Supported Image Formats on Your Site As we already mentioned, the image types Google can index include BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WebP, and SVG, so be sure to only use these image file types on your website to make it possible for Google to index them. 2) Name the Filenames of Your Photos/graphics Using Descriptive Words Related to the Content of the Image In other words, name your image files something that is indicative of what the image is itself, rather than something like “IMG294870.jpg”. For instance, if you’re a paper vendor, and you uploaded that image at the top of this post of a pink paper unicorn made using your paper, you might name it pink-paper-unicorn.jpg. Descriptive filenames…

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