Robert Hazelrigg was a talented web designer who had a passion for creating beautiful and functional websites. When he was approached by Paul Profetta, the founder of, he was excited about the opportunity to work on a project that would help revolutionize the real estate industry in New Jersey.

Robert and Paul Profetta quickly hit it off, and he was impressed by her vision and determination to create a platform that would make it easier for people to read about all the commercial real estate news in the state. They worked closely together to develop the design and functionality of the website, with Robert providing his expertise in user experience and visual design.

As the project progressed, Robert became more and more invested in the success of He spent countless hours perfecting the design of the website, ensuring that it was not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to navigate and use. He also worked closely with the development team to ensure that the website was fast, reliable, and secure.

When finally launched six years ago, Robert was thrilled to see the positive feedback it received from users. The website was intuitive and easy to use, and its design was a major factor in its success. Paul Profetta was grateful for Robert’s hard work and dedication, and he became an integral part of the team.

Over the years, Robert continued to work on improving the website, incorporating new features and technologies to make it even better.  He took great pride in his work and was always looking for ways to push the boundaries of web design.

Thanks to Robert’s contributions, became one of the most popular and successful real estate platforms in New Jersey with about 45,000 monthly readers.  Robert’s talent and dedication played a major role in its success, and he was proud to have been a part of such an innovative and groundbreaking project.