Will artificial intelligence (AI) change marketing? Some say it already has.

In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and make the most of every moment. That’s where these AI tools come in. With their cutting-edge technology and easy-to-use features, these tools can help you streamline your workflow, increase your productivity, and unlock your full potential. From automating tasks and analyzing data, to improving customer service and driving sales, these AI tools can do it all. Whether you’re a small business owner or just looking to boost your personal productivity, there’s an AI tool on this list for you.

40 AI Tools Links other then ChatGPT:

1. Writesonic : https://www.lifetime-freedom.com/
Create SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content
for your blogs, ads, emails, and website 10X faster.

2. Runway.ml : https://runwayml.com/
Everything you need to make anything you want.
With 30+ AI Magic Tools, real-time video editing, collaboration, and more, Runway is your next-generation content creation suite. Right inside your browser.

3. Diffusion Bee : https://diffusionbee.com/
Create Amazing Images Using AI DiffusionBee is the easiest way to generate AI art on your computer with Stable Diffusion. Completely free of charge. Runs offline. No limits.

4. Metaphor Systems : https://metaphor.systems/
Web search hasn’t changed in 20 years. We’re building a new search engine from scratch, using the same ideas behind DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. It understands language — in the form of prompts — so you can say what you’re looking for in all the expressive and creative ways you can think of. And, if we’re lucky, it might make the internet feel a little less like a wall of ads.

5. Soundraw : https://soundraw.io/
Stop searching for the song you need. Create it. Royalty-free music, AI generated for you

6. Quillbot : http://bit.ly/3Y5NdO9
QuillBot’s AI-powered paraphrasing tool will enhance your writing
Your words matter, and our paraphrasing tool is designed to ensure you use the right ones. With two free modes and five Premium modes to choose from, you can use QuillBot’s online Paraphraser to rephrase any text in a variety of ways. Our product will improve your fluency while also ensuring you have the appropriate vocabulary, tone, and style for any occasion. Simply enter your text into the input box, and our AI will work with you to create the best paraphrase.

7. Genei : https://www.lifetime-freedom.com/Genei
Research faster with genei Automatically summarise background reading and produce blogs, articles, and reports faster.

8. Beautiful AI : https://www.beautiful.ai/
Presentation software that designs for you. This is Beautiful.ai— the first presentation maker that is an expert deck designer, so you don’t have to be. Make your business look brilliant, keep your team forever on brand, and save hours on pitches you’re actually proud of.

9. Wordtune : https://www.wordtune.com/
Your thoughts in words. Say exactly what you mean through clear, compelling and authentic writing.

10. Blaze Today : https://blaze.today/
Eliminate repetitive typing and mistakes. Easy-to-use templates with endless customizability and powerful automation. All with full control at your fingertips.

11. Study Crumb : https://studycrumb.com/
Hire Top Essay Writer – Get Professional Paper Help Professional paper writers are at your service to do highest quality essay writing faster than lightning. Reliable essay help. [Original source: https://studycrumb.com/]

12. Design Beast : https://designbeast.io/discount/
Create Sensational Designs, Graphics & Animations in All Languages With The World’s Most Powerful Design Suite Powered By Artificial Intelligence!

13. Design Evo : https://www.designevo.com/
Create Custom Logos with DesignEvo Free Logo Maker DesignEvo is a free online logo maker with 10,000+ templates that anyone can use to bring to life a compelling, unique logo in minutes.

14. Intraspexion : https://intraspexion.com/
Intraspexion’s “Deep Learning” Patents & Proprietary Software Are Enforcement via litigation or Implementation. For prospective infringement enforcement litigation, we’ve built 15 Claim Charts againts prospective “large tech” defendants.

15. CrowdStrike : https://www.crowdstrike.com/
One platform. One agent. Complete protection. Technology, intelligence, and expertise come together in our industry-leading CrowdStrike Falcon®️ platform to deliver security that works

16. Descript : https://www.descript.com/
One tool for your full workflow
Descript is the only tool you need to write, record, transcribe, edit, collaborate, and share your videos and podcasts.

17. Otter.Ai : https://otter.ai/
Save time with an AI assistant in every meeting
Otter is your AI assistant that writes and summarizes meeting notes for your team, 30x faster than you can. Otter keeps you organized, so you can find and share key information in seconds.

18. Fireflies : https://fireflies.ai/
Automate your meeting notes
Fireflies.ai helps your team record, transcribe, search, and analyze voice conversations.

19. Fathom : https://fathom.video/
Upgrade your productivity with your own free AI Meeting Assistant
Fathom records, transcribes, highlights, and summarizes your meetings so you can focus on the conversation. Get setup in minutes.

20. Podcastle : https://podcastle.ai/
The One-Stop Shop for Broadcast Storytelling
Studio-quality recording, AI-powered editing, and seamless exporting – all in a single web-based platform

21. FlexClip : https://www.flexclip.com/
Flexible Editing, Stunning Clips. Easily create and edit videos for the brand, marketing, social media, family, and any other purpose.

22. Synthesia : https://www.synthesia.io/
Create videos from plain text in minutes
Synthesia is the #1 rated AI video creation platform. Thousands of companies use it to create videos in 120 languages, saving up to 80% of their time and budget.

23. Toonly : https://www.toonly.com/
Why Animated Explainer Videos are the answer to Creating High-Converting, Super-Shareable Content

24. Voicemaker : https://voicemaker.in/
Create audio files for your commercial use Voicemaker allows you to redistribute your generated audio files even after your subscription expires.

25. ProWritingAid : https://prowritingaid.com/
Write and learn with us
Our grammar and style checker contains over 3,000 explanations and videos written by our experts, so you don’t need to remember all those crazy rules.

26. Article Forge : https://www.articleforge.com/
Get HIGH QUALITY Content In One Click
Using advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning, Article Forge writes completely unique, SEO optimized, high-quality, long form articles with the click of a button.

27. AI Writer : https://ai-writer.com/
Generate Accurate, Relevant & Quality Content in 2 Minutes
AI-Writer is the most accurate content generation platform, using state-of-the-art AI writing models to generate articles from just a headline.

28. Scalenut : https://www.scalenut.com/
Tell Better Stories at Scale
Scalenut gives you a simple and scalable way to produce content that serves your business goals. Get AI tools to help you race past your competition.

29. Linguix : https://linguix.com/
Improve Sales Content Instantly
Keep peace of mind knowing your team’s content is perfect.

30. Phrasee : https://phrasee.co/
Get more clicks, conversions, and customers with AI-optimized content
Phrasee’s AI platform delivers the highest performing, on-brand marketing messages at scale.

31. Seventh Sense : https://www.theseventhsense.com/
AI software designed to drive maximum performance and engagement with your existing email marketing program.

32. Optimove : https://www.optimove.com/
CRM Journeys, Mapped by AI Personalize journeys at scale with customer insights,
AI-led orchestration, and all the channels you need, in one place.

33. Chatfuel : https://chatfuel.com/
Do what inspires,automate everything else

34. MobileMonkey : https://mobilemonkey.com/
Capture 7.5X more contacts from your website visitors and add them to automated email and SMS outreach funnels to supercharge sales

35. Surfer SEO : https://surferseo.com/
Skyrocket your organic traffic with Surfer. Don’t leave your SEO strategy up to chance. Surfer will give you a SEO workflow to boost your organic traffic, increase your visibility, and improve your rank.

36. Brand 24 : https://brand24.com/
Discover Customer Insights. Get instant access to mentions across social media,
news, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, reviews, and more.

37. Emplifi.io : https://emplifi.io/
The Emplifi CX Index is here See how you stack up against your industry when it comes to social marketing, commerce, and care.

38. Smartly.io : https://www.smartly.io/
Advertising Platform Our solution brings together media buying, creative automation, reporting and optimization in one platform. This allows teams to easily and effectively scale and optimize paid social activities.

39. GrowthBar : https://www.growthbarseo.com/
Make SEO-Optimized Blog Posts ? With AI
Write perfect SEO-friendly content for blog posts, website pages, and articles… with AI.

40. Sapling : https://sapling.ai/
AI messaging assistant for customer-facing teams.
Respond twice as fast. Sapling sits on top of CRMs and messaging platforms and provides real-time suggestions to help sales, support, and success teams more efficiently compose personalized responses. Managers gain conversational insights to coach and prepare teams.