Your logo conveys more information than you may realize. Certainly, your logo should instantly represent your brand. But it can tell customers if you’re loyal, modern, cheap, expensive, playful or strong. Your logo gives your brand personality. So… it’s extremely important to have a logo that rings true to your brand, your personality, and your audience.


Red: energetic, sexy, bold
Orange: creative, friendly, youthful
Yellow: sunny, inventive, optimism
Green: growth, organic, instructional
Blue: professional, tranquil, trustworthy
Purple: spiritual, wise, evocative
Black: credible and powerful
White: simple, clean, pure
Pink: fun and flirty
Brown: rural, historical, steady


Serif: – Comforting & Traditional
Sans-Serif: – Modern & Clean
Script/Handwriting: – Creativity & Elegance


It isn’t necessary to have an icon or symbol as part of your logo. There are pros and cons to using symbols in logo design:

PROS: A symbol doesn’t depend on text, so it can be recognized in any language, and that can help extend your brand’s reach.

If you’re thinking about mobile marketing and about designing an app for your business, a visual symbol will translate easily into an icon on a touchscreen device.

CONS: Certain icons and symbols vary in meaning across cultures (for example, some people see owls as signs of wisdom, while others associate owls with death, and you really don’t want to mix those ideas in a logo). Make sure your symbol and your target market carefully.

A brand has to have significant popular cultural influence in order for its symbolic logo to be recognized without the help of any text. This means that a symbol-only logo might not serve the needs of small businesses.

And in all aspects of logo design, it’s important to make sure your logo can be shared and reproduced on a wide variety of advertising materials including websites, print, and more. Your logo is your brand, and having a brand symbol that translates well across multiple mediums is an important part of sharing what your company has to say.

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