Local Businesses will start chasing mobile rankings

2014 saw a lot of local businesses stuck up in a tough position due to budget constraints and wasted ad spend that lead to unimpressive ROI metrics. In 2015, we’re likely to see more and more SMB’s chasing mobile rankings by optimizing their SEO strategy for mobile traffic using automated mobile search software, responsive website design, dedicated mobile apps, intelligent mobile UX tactics and locally optimized landing pages. This will not only drive measurable ROI for multi-location businesses but will give them maximum exposure on social platforms, thereby improving local listings based on genuine customer reviews. Though Google has recently started including a “mobile friendly” notation next to websites in mobile search results, newer search engine algorithm updates will also be focusing on citations and reviews for improved rankings in the SERPs. As stated by Searchenginewatch, nearly 46% of searches are now using mobile exclusively to perform product research, making local SEO optimization a must for ecommerce businesses and product based companies.

Best Practices You Must Consider to Accelerate Local SEO Success in 2015

    • Ensure all your local profiles are up-to-date including social media platforms (especially Google+, Facebook and Linkedin), local business directories (for e.g. Google My Business, Yelp, TripAdvisor etc)
    • Make sure your critical information is correct, precise, up-to-date and consistent on all your digital entities, may it be your website, social media profile, or other business profiles. This includes your name, address, phone number and services/products you offer.
    • Create a long-term local SEO strategy that focuses on rankings based on your local position
    • Attend local events in areas where you see “selling potential” and involve more with your local community via brand mentions (encourage people to mention your name when they connect on Twitter) and Content Marketing (writing blog posts, press releases and news updates)
    • Acquire good inbound traffic via earning links from local news or community sites.
    • Establish a strong social media presence via sharing valuable content that matters most to the business you’re in.

We hope to see the above predicted internet marketing trends dominate FY 2015. We are intelligent digital marketers & SEO consultants who’ve brought positive impact for some of the biggest brands across the globe. In case you need help with your online marketing campaigns, we’re taking projects for the current fiscal year. Contact us to request a quote and avail heavy discounts till Feb, 2015 !! Good luck!!

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