The Graphics Guy Speaks on How to Get Better Local Search Result

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Thank you to all that came to my sold-out event at the Bacon & Business networking event where I spoke to 30± business leaders on how to get better results in Google searches by enhancing your Google Business Profile, formally Google My Business. You can watch the video below or read my step-by-step instructions here: Click to Watch Video Learn more about the Chamber of Commerce here:
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Who wants to be on top of google searches? The 4 Leading Factors to Top Google’s SERP

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The 4 Leading Factors to Top Google’s SERP Earlier this week I was on the phone speaking with a Google tech who told me the four things google’s algorithm looks at most when determining who gets to the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). If you are a business owner you obviously know how important it is to show up at the top of google searches. You probably also know it’s not an easy task to achieve. There are so many variables that google uses to give your site authority over the rest of the pack. On top of that, those variables are constantly changing. So, if you are reading this article 6 months from now it’s likely these factors have changed. With that said here is what I was told would benefit your website the most over the…

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Why you need a digital partner more than ever

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Why you need a digital partner more than ever — As technology continues to change, trends change, social platforms change, and rules and regulations change. It’s not just having a website today. You need a digital partner that can provide your brand the support it needs. What are some of the reasons you need a digital partner? Let’s look at some of them – 1. Maintaining your brand 2. Security of your website 3. ADA compliance 4. SEO, PPC, and Social Responsibility 5. Data Analysis 6. Third-Party Integrations 7. Mobile Responsiveness You don’t get this from buying marketing from Fiver or Upwork.

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What your logo says about your company

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Your logo conveys more information than you may realize. Certainly, your logo should instantly represent your brand. But it can tell customers if you’re loyal, modern, cheap, expensive, playful or strong. Your logo gives your brand personality. So… it’s extremely important to have a logo that rings true to your brand, your personality, and your audience. WHAT YOUR COLORS SAY: Red: energetic, sexy, boldOrange: creative, friendly, youthfulYellow: sunny, inventive, optimismGreen: growth, organic, instructionalBlue: professional, tranquil, trustworthyPurple: spiritual, wise, evocativeBlack: credible and powerfulWhite: simple, clean, purePink: fun and flirtyBrown: rural, historical, steady WHAT YOUR FONT SAYS: Serif: – Comforting & TraditionalSans-Serif: – Modern & CleanScript/Handwriting: – Creativity & Elegance TO SYMBOL OR NOT SYMBOL? It isn’t necessary to have an icon or symbol as part of your logo. There are pros and cons to using symbols in logo design: PROS: A symbol doesn’t depend on…

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Graphic Designer West Long Branch, NJ

16 Free Fonts That Every Graphic Designer Should Have

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Every great artist has an arsenal of tools they use for creating amazing designs. Having been in the graphic design field for more than 30 years now, I have in-depth knowledge of what elements will help make a good design better. Fonts are a huge part of building your company’s unique identity. When you use fonts like Time or Helvetica in your graphics layouts they many look nice or familiar but as far as design goes they are a bit vanilla.  If you’re just starting out as a graphic artist or can’t afford to hire a graphic designer I’ve picked out a handful of FREE fonts that could really make your marketing stand out. Below are 16 fonts that can be found online for free:  

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