Socail_Media_Better_Than_Sex5 Reasons why Social Media is better than sex?

Very many of us spend a lot of time on social media, as it became an important part of our lives. How important? Well, we can say that it is more important than sex, because we tend to enjoy social media in bed in the evening, instead of doing something else. Because it is highly available and always has fresh info for us, social media became more an everyday necessity than a curiosity. Thus, here are the best reasons why social media can be better than sex.

1. We can be satisfied more often

The reason social media became so highly used is because it became a large temptation, but not through its intensity, as more through its frequency. You see, when we are having sex, we tend to be satisfied for a longer period. Now, when it comes to social media, our satisfaction doesn’t last too much, so we will need to check our Facebook or Twitter account quite often. It’s great that we can do this alone, at any moment of the day we want.

2. The “likes” on Facebook bring a great pleasure

It appears that, according to a study made on young people, the “likes” received on the Facebook account is a bigger pleasure than money, chocolate, or even sex. Yes, when one receives a “like”, the experience can be quite high and uplifting, making a person wish more. No wonder everybody is trying to make the best selfie ever, or post something spectacular or interesting, as everybody is chasing as many likes as possible.

3. It is always surprising

Well, once you are having sex on a regular basis, nothing will surprise you anymore. So, most people say that it is a part of their routine or bodily necessities. But, this will not happen in the case of social media. The posts of Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter are always surprising, because you never know what will come up next. Maybe you will see something amazing, or thrilling, or surprising. Perhaps this is what get us hyped like this, the thrill of not knowing what to find each time we will open our social media network and profile.

4. It is not time limited

When it comes to sex, you have to get the timing right with your partner. It’s not like you can have sex while waiting for the bus. Well, concerning social media, you can have it anywhere. You can satisfy this pleasure while waiting in a queue, on the bus, in your break, in a shop, whenever you feel like it. You can even have it in the morning while savoring your coffee, at lunch, and after dinner.

5. It is much more comfortable

Sex involves a great deal of physical effort, which may be quite inconvenient after a long and hard day at work. Who wishes to sweat after just taking a relaxing shower? It is better to grab some comfy pajamas and grab your smartphone, or tablet, and get all comfy in bed while checking social media’s latest news. No wonder everybody is postponing sex for the weekend, while enjoying social media every day of the week instead.