5 Reasons Social Media Trumps Sex

Many of us invest a significant amount of time in social media, considering it an integral part of our lives. Its importance has even surpassed that of sex, as we find ourselves enjoying social media in bed during the evening, prioritizing it over other activities. With its constant availability and a steady stream of fresh information, social media has evolved from a mere curiosity to a daily necessity. Here are the top reasons why social media can be deemed superior to sex.

  1. More Frequent Satisfaction:
    • Social media’s widespread use is not just due to its allure but primarily its frequency. Unlike the extended satisfaction derived from sex, social media provides quick and regular moments of gratification. Checking our Facebook or Twitter accounts becomes a solo activity, available at any time of the day.
  2. Pleasure in “Likes”:
    • According to a study on young people, receiving “likes” on Facebook accounts brings greater pleasure than money, chocolate, or even sex. The experience of getting a “like” is highly rewarding and addictive, motivating individuals to strive for more. The pursuit of likes has led to the creation of captivating selfies and attention-grabbing posts to maximize social approval.
  3. Unpredictability:
    • While regular sex might become routine, social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter remain consistently surprising. The content shared is unpredictable, offering a mix of amazing, thrilling, and surprising posts. The anticipation of discovering something new each time we open our social media profiles adds an element of excitement.
  4. Time Flexibility:
    • Unlike sex, which requires precise timing with a partner, social media can be indulged in at any moment and in any location. Whether waiting in line, on public transportation, during breaks, or while savoring coffee in the morning or winding down after dinner, social media provides instant gratification without the constraints of timing.
  5. Comfort:
    • Sex demands physical effort, which can be inconvenient after a long day at work. Opting for the comfort of cozy pajamas and a smartphone or tablet, individuals can effortlessly engage with social media from the comfort of their beds. As a result, social media becomes a daily indulgence, while sex may be reserved for the weekend.