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Determining the Need for a Sitemap

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Whether you require a sitemap or not depends on several factors. Let’s examine the XML sitemap first. The following questions can help you decide if an XML sitemap is necessary for your website:

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How to DIY a Brand Building Website

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Building a website that grows your brand is not as easy as putting up some cool pictures on a service like Squarespace or Wix. A website takes careful design and a continuous effort if you want to reach your goals.

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Does Your Organic Marketing Belong On Social Media?

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It seems these days that a new app or website is premiered every hour, lauded as the perfect new marketing tool that will revolutionize the marketing industry itself. Until tomorrow, at least. Marketers often spend more time and effort selling than they do innovating new products or services. It’s a cash flow life support system instead of a true growth tool. Their first and often biggest question is how. How does a company reach its customers without them knowing they have been reached? The first instinct appears to be the declared holy grail of the 2000s – social media. But is that instinct realistic considering the glut of options in an ever growing/crowded search environment? No, not if you want to be a standout in the vast world of search. A social media site such as Facebook was developed to…

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Less is More BUSINESS MARKETING TIP: Marketing works best  when you communicate one single message at a time. If you through a tennis ball at someone they can usually catch it. But what happens when  you throw 3 or 5 balls at the same person?  If you overwhelm your  audience they with ignore you or if your lucky only come away with…  part of your message. Your money is better spent in a series of single message targeted ads.

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