Myth #1 – Social Media is Not Real Marketing

If you’re still thinking that social media is a fad and will eventually fade away, I have news for you: I hope you aren’t holding your breath.

It’s true that social media sites come and go. At one time, MySpace was the hot darling, as was Friendster, Orkut and others whose names are slowly becoming mere memories or are struggling to try to reinvent themselves. The big social sites today for small businesses include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and one day soon, Google+.

But even if the social media sites we are using today die, the behavior of using social media is not going away.

The 2012 Local Search Study found that the number of people using social media to look for local business information has increased 67 percent. There are now 15% using social media to find information about local businesses. That may not sound like a lot, but if there are 100,000 potential buyers within a 50-mile radius of your business, and 15% are turning to Twitter or Facebook, that’s 15,000. Not a meaningless number.