Social Media Experts Suck

Most Social Media Marketing Experts Don’t Deliver!

If there has ever been a title that has been overused, it would likely be “social media marketing expert.” Everyone seems to know at least one person out there who has called themselves a social media expert, but not everyone really seems to know one that is able to deliver the amazing results that they promise.

Most people also know how to use Facebook, twitter, or Google Plus, but does that necessarily make them a de facto expert? Absolutely not! Just like knowing how to use a hammer won’t make you a master carpenter, just knowing the mechanics behind Facebook is not enough to make you an expert in social media. Sadly, most social media experts only know the mechanical or technical side of social media marketing, and that’s just not enough.

Social media is a human phenomenon. It needs to appeal to actual people, and not just search engines! And, when you’re dealing with a typical social media marketing expert who only knows the mechanics behind the platforms that they promote you on, it only makes sense the most of the campaigns they put together eventually flop.

True social media marketing experts aren’t just robots who can post content on a page and boost results. They are people who have an intensely creative, often inspired approach to advertising. They are people who come from a deep background in both design and advertising, and have the know-how and instinct to figure out what would appeal to your target audience.

If you’ve gotten terrible results from a certified social media expert, take a good look at the other experience that they have on their resume. Chances are, you’re not going to see too much history in advertising, graphic design, or the creative arts.

Just as if you would ask a writer for samples of their work, you should also look at the campaign work of any marketing expert. Moreover, you should be looking at their numbers how many fans do they themselves have? How have they grown their client’s followers?

Hello Name Tag Sticker on WhiteI believe in order to declare yourself an expert you have to have a certain level of numbers.

  • To declare yourself a Facebook expert, you should have at least 10,000 fans for yourself or a client.

  • To declare yourself a Linkedin expert, you should have at least 1,000 connections for yourself or a client. and at least 500 endorsements.

  • To declare yourself a Twitter expert is much more difficult to measure, because anyone can purchase 25,000 followers for $5.

Just like you shouldn’t hire an intern to build your office, you shouldn’t hire an underqualified person to build your online presence. Call me today!

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