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Integrated Advertising Is The New Way To Reach Customers

Any marketing guru will be able to tell you that repetition is the easiest way to get an effective brand image, and the easiest way to get new customers. On average, a single customer has to see your brand’s name 12 times before they remember that you exist. It may take even more times before a client trusts your brand enough to buy from it.

The problem with advertising through only traditional, or only internet means is that you’re often not reaching the same audiences. That’s why experts in the marketing world have been touting the importance of integrated advertising – also known as using traditional advertising such as flyers or magazine articles alongside internet advertising and social media.

Using integrated advertising has a lot of perks, such as the following:

  • Different demographics will react to different advertising methods in their own unique way. By having both forms of advertising in your marketing campaign, you get a wider range of interested, engaged customers.
  • Internet and print publishing both can have totally different geographical reaches, which in turn expands the area that your marketing campaign can extend to.
  • Having integrated advertising also strengthens brand recognition by making your company or brand seem like it’s everywhere.
  • Because of the fact that integrated advertising improves the effectiveness of both advertising methods, you will get a higher return on your investment. In other words, a smaller budget will still be able to go a long way as long as it’s done the right way.
  • Many people view internet advertising as cheap, and having integrated advertising makes them feel like you are a company that’s doing well enough to afford traditional advertising. Similarly, some won’t buy from a company that isn’t advertised on the net, which means that having print-only advertising will be totally ineffective with them. Integrated advertising covers both bases.
  • Since you will end up getting a lot more exposure with integrated advertising, you will end up being able to establish a brand much quicker than if you were to attempt it all on your own. After all, people will be exposed to your ads more frequently than if it were just a single genre.

Most advertising professionals are now only beginning to realize how important it is to blend the two advertising genres together into a stronger marketing campaign program. Robert Hazelrigg has been a strong supporter of integrated advertising for years, and that’s part of the reason why so many of his campaigns had succeeded with flying colors. So, if you have been worried about getting the most out of your marketing work, call the Graphics Guy. His years of experience with integrated advertising won’t lead you astray.


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