You can earn a lot of credibility and trust as a brand with a strong first impression. Logos carry a very large part of that burden. The logo of a company is a symbolic representation of the brand and its core values. Summing everything your brand represents up in a symbol is no small feat. Without being a specialist in graphic design, one might wonder what the components of excellent logo design are and what are some tell-tale signs of slip-shod logo work.

One excellent indicator that you are looking at a upscale logo is the fact that is it built on a vector graphic platform. This might sound like “mumbo-jumbo” to you but what it essentially means is that the image you see is built using shapes, rather than pixels. Designers that create vector graphic logos are usually more advanced and typically have invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars in software and hardware to be able to craft a custom logo made with vector graphics. The alternative is a rougher logo look that lacks the ability to scale up and down in size as cleanly and neatly as the vector graphic version.

Anther excellent tell-tale sign for when you are looking at a good logo design is whether or not it adheres to basic, fundamental design principles. The “touch-and-feel” way of knowing if this is the case for a given logo is by determining if a given logo looks aesthetically correct to one’s own sense of style. Granted, this is a completely subjective method of appraisal, yet it remains relatively accurate. Space, form, consistency, color and clarity are but a few of the main considerations for the professional designer to make sure a final logo product ends up adhering to the fundamental design principles necessary to ensure a pleasing visual appearance.

Before getting all bent out of shape about a logo meeting every single design principle under the sun, one must make sure it can serve the functions necessary for the business’ optimum functioning. The logo is to serve the business, not the other way around. An excellent logo can serve the brand in a variety of settings. If the logo is for a shoe company, it would have to look good not only on shoes, but perhaps also on socks, blimps and billboards. Versatility is a huge component of an excellent logo design. Proper considerations about eventual logo use cases can come into play and shed light on potential design direction for a brand’s logo.

A quick pro-tip with striving for good logo design is to avoid including actual pictures, images of complicated detail in your logo. Simplicity often wins the day and actually can optimize profitability in many cases. The important consideration is to make sure that the logo be recognizable and accurately portray the product or service offered by your brand.

The effect of any brand’s marketing effort will have a lot to do with how visually appealing their brand messaging is, on a regular basis, across a variety of medium. Logos are the front-and center aspect of a brand that can’t be ignored or apologized for.