Customers form an opinion about your business in 90 seconds and one of their first impressions comes from your logo.

Your logo is one of the first impressions your customers will have of your business, so it’s important that it communicates the right message. Good and bad, here are 10 things your logo might be telling potential customers without your knowing it. 

  1. We Are Professional A well-designed logo tells potential customers that you value all aspects of your business, including your image. This means your logo looks good across platforms, and its design is simple and distinctive.
  2. We Can Be Trusted According to color psychology, blue tells customers that your business is stable and trust-worthy, making it a good choice for finance or healthcare company logos. However, the color blue is known to curb your appetite – not a good choice for restaurants.
  3. We are Operating on a Low Budget Unless you’re a skilled designer, creating your own logo could tell customers that you cut corners. While DIY logos might be acceptable in the beginning, as soon as you’re able you should invest in a professional design. AmateurStudios
  4. We are Modern Sans serif fonts used in a logo convey the message that your company is contemporary and fresh. This makes it a good choice for innovative companies. LinkedIn’s logo, for example, is a sans serif font that conveys a clean, modern feel.
  5. We aren’t Original Thinkers If your logo looks similar to another company’s, you’re sending the message that you’re a copycat. You’re also spending marketing dollars to remind people of someone else. Make sure your images and font aren’t too similar to your competition or to a well-known brand. 
  6. We are Sophisticated Just like in fashion, the color black in a logo reads timeless and sophisticated. This is a natural choice for companies that sell luxury products, but it might not be the best hue for a company that caters to children.
  7. We Don’t Fully Understand our Mission If artwork in your logo doesn’t properly represent what you do, you can be confusing customers. For example, an accounting firm with a flower in its logo wouldn’t make sense. Instead, make sure that your choices clearly reflect your business. Milford Accounting Center
  8. We Care About the Earth The color green reminds people of nature, making it a popular choice with environmentally friendly companies such as Whole Foods. The color also symbolizes wealth, which would be a good choice for finance businesses.
  9. We are Casual Informal hand-written fonts in a logo convey the message that your business is friendly and fun – think Disney and Coca-Cola. This is a good choice if your business appeals to Millennials or kids, but it might not the best if you’re in an industry where authority and formality is important.
  10. We Offer One Type of Product or Service If you are a specialist, your logo can help drive home the message by incorporating an image. If you have several products and services, however, make sure your logo represents the broad scope. You don’t want to be overlooked because of a graphic in your logo doesn’t convey all that you do. SMS

With these 10 points in mind, review your logo to see if you need to make adjustments. Advice InspirationAction A good logo doesn’t follow trends. Choose a design that is timeless; not one that reflects the season’s latest aesthetics. 

What do you see in a company’s logo?  What does your logo say about your business?