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5 Reasons why Social Media is better than sex?

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5 Reasons why Social Media is better than sex? Very many of us spend a lot of time on social media, as it became an important part of our lives. How important? Well, we can say that it is more important than sex, because we tend to enjoy social media in bed in the evening, instead of doing something else. Because it is highly available and always has fresh info for us, social media became more an everyday necessity than a curiosity. Thus, here are the best reasons why social media can be better than sex. 1. We can be satisfied more often The reason social media became so highly used is because it became a large temptation, but not through its intensity, as more through its frequency. You see, when we are having sex, we tend to be satisfied for…

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Based in West Long Branch, NJ, The Graphics Guy has helped clients in many industries from all over the world. These portfolio items showcase how we cater to every client, whether they hire us for graphic design, web design, branding, photography, videography, social media, or any combination of services we provide. BRANDING / PUBLIC RELATIONS / WEB DESIGN / SOCIAL MEDIA / GRAPHIC DESIGN / PHOTO & VIDEO

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How Hashtags Help Your Business

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Hashtags Help Your Business Hashtags aren’t just a Twitter thing. Now days you’ll find them on most of the other major social media sites too.  Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest all enable you to tag keywords and phrases which enables interests and conversations to be tracked.   As your business grows more competitive through it’s digital marketing efforts, the use of Hashtags can generate a new and effective way to create engagement and brand awareness with your target audience. When properly used Hashtags can be a powerful tool for connecting with customers.

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Facebook wants to remotely scan my harddrive

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Facebook Scam Perpetrated by Facebook Facebook Has Gone Too Far! Earlier today I got bumped out of Facebook with the following warning: I then immediately quit all of my running software on my Mac and ran virus protection software: ClamAV / AdwareMedic; Malware detection application. Both of which reported my system was clean. I then returned to Facebook to try to login again. I was greeted with the warning again. This time I took the warning to the next step and clicked “Get started”. The screen was as follows: “My computer has been infected”…. but I just ran 2 respected independent applications that all say Facebook is incorrect. I was very certain to update all my virus definitions prior to my scans. How could this be? Being that I handle several social media accounts for some of my clients I decided to attempt to login as a…

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