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Fun Post from Facebook

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I like to have fun on Social Media all the time. Please join me in the fun and Like my page. I know organic reach is dead, but I still know how to use Facebook to my advantage.   Post by The Graphics Guy ~ Robert Hazelrigg.   Robert Hazelrigg The Graphics Guy 126 Whalepond Road West Long Branch, NJ 07764 (732) 513-6807 #GraphicArtist, #GraphicDesigner, #WebDesigner, #WebsiteDesigner, #websitedesinger, #WebsiteDesign, #LogoDesign, #logodesigner, #MarketingConsultant, #AdvertisingAgency, #AdvertisementDesign, #BillboardDesign, #BookDesign, #BrandingDevelopment, #Brochures, #CatalogDesign, #CorporateIdentity, #DirectMailDesign #GraphicProduction, #EMailDesign #FacebookPage_Designs, #SocialMedia, #Flyers, #LandingPages, #MagazineLayouts, #MobileWebsite, #PackagingDesign, #PhotoEditing, #PhotoRestoration, #PosterDesign, #PrintDesign, #PrintProduction, #SignDesign, #TradeShowDesign, #SocialMediaMarketing, #RobertHazelrigg, #RobertHazelriggReviews, #RobertHazelriggCITY, #TheGraphicsGuy, #TheGraphicsGuyreviews, #TheGraphicsGuyWestLongBranch, #TheGraphicsGuyWestLongBranchNJ, #TheGraphicsGuyNJ, #TheGraphicsGuyNewJersey

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Why Most Social Media Experts Suck at Their Job!

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Most Social Media Marketing Experts Don’t Deliver! If there has ever been a title that has been overused, it would likely be “social media marketing expert.” Everyone seems to know at least one person out there who has called themselves a social media expert, but not everyone really seems to know one that is able to deliver the amazing results that they promise. Most people also know how to use Facebook, twitter, or Google Plus, but does that necessarily make them a de facto expert? Absolutely not! Just like knowing how to use a hammer won’t make you a master carpenter, just knowing the mechanics behind Facebook is not enough to make you an expert in social media. Sadly, most social media experts only know the mechanical or technical side of social media marketing, and that’s just not enough. Social…

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I am the social media king.

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Yes Robert Hazelrigg The Graphics Guy of West Long Branch has well over 17,000 fans on facebook but did you also know Robert Hazelrigg has received over 55 Recommendations and over 800 endorsements on linked in…. In 2012 Robert Hazelrigg was recognized by Linkedin for having one of the top rated profiles on linked in and was ranked in the top 5% of over 200,000,0000 users. Robert was contacted by Linkedin and asked if he would allow Linkedin to use Robert’s profile in Linkedin promotional marketing materials. Of course he said yes. “I’ve been on linked in since the very beginning in 2003(?). I highly recommend it as part of your overall brand building and marketing strategy.” Visit Robert’s Website, Facebook Fan Page, and his Linkedin Profile      

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How Social Media Impacts Your SEO

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How Social Media Impacts Your SEO Search engine optimization (SEO) should make your website more visible in search engine results. But it’s a common myth to think you’ll wind up on the first page with back links, page keyword stuffing, duplicate content development, etc. Those methods are old school and much of these processes are no longer relevant to major search engines like Google. These days, great content has more influence on how discoverable you are online. For example, try doing searches on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the term “romantic restaurant New York”. Notice that blogs as well as social media and user generated review sites like Yelp dominate the first page of search results. This means info about you on sites like Yelp is often times more accessible to potential customers than your own website. With that in…

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Yelp

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Next to Google, there’s probably no more important site for small businesses than Yelp. Yet perhaps no other site is as poorly understood. For instance, is it a good idea to encourage your customers to give you good reviews on the site? Does Yelp pay for reviews? How do you go about countering bad reviews? Since Yelp is such a juggernaut, it’s important to get the facts straight. With that in mind, take a look at these 10 things you may not have known about the service. 1. Most of Its Traffic Is From Its Home Page  You might think that in 2012, most people would be accessing Yelp from their smartphones, but that’s not the case. Sixty percent of searches are from desktops, and the company’s mobile apps are used by about 7 million people. gets 78 million…

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8 tips to make your marketing stand out

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How does a marketer stand out in the crowded marketing storm? How can you hit your target market right between the eyes and cut through the media clutter that’s all around you? Answering these questions represents the holy grail of marketing. Every day there are new messaging ideas and repurposed content from thought leaders and marketers of all types. If your messages are part of that clutter, your goal is to lift them above the clutter and get noticed. Here are eight essentials to consider as you start off and move closer to that marketing holy grail: 1. Focus on solutions. This is what customers are really looking for. And when there’s demand, half of your marketing job is done. Products and services that have a high demand get noticed early and often. Give your target market what they want or what they’re…

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Our Sevives

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The Graphics Guy is a full service design agency located in West Long Branch, New Jersey. Our clients come from all over New Jersey, New York City, and Florida to create cohesive brand identity integrated with state of the art digital design. Robert Hazelrigg – The Graphics Guy designs compelling brand experiences that elevate and differentiate our small business clients in the competitive marketplace. His knowledge and expertise in strategy, marketing, branding, web, print, advertising and promotions ensure your communications succeed at every audience interaction. He thinks strategically, research exhaustively and design innovatively to give you distinctive, cutting-edge brand experiences that inspire, without the common “everything but the kitchen sink” cost structure of other design firms. The Graphics Guy – Robert Hazelrigg is a results-driven creative art director with 20 plus years experience in corporate marketing and ad agencies. Also…

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