How Hashtags Help Your Business

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Hashtags Help Your Business Hashtags aren’t just a Twitter thing. Now days you’ll find them on most of the other major social media sites too.  Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest all enable you to tag keywords and phrases which enables interests and conversations to be tracked.   As your business grows more competitive through it’s digital marketing efforts, the use of Hashtags can generate a new and effective way to create engagement and brand awareness with your target audience. When properly used Hashtags can be a powerful tool for connecting with customers.

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E-Commerce Website Design & Developement West Long Branch NJ

Some of My Best Graphic Design Work

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With 25 years of professional in marketing and advertising, Robert Hazelrigg has worked for some of the world’s largest companies and recognized brands. Bellow are just a small handful of projects I enjoyed designing.” – The Graphics Guy Design Gallery Thank you for looking. Robert Hazelrigg Lead Creative The Graphics Guy 126 Whalepond Rd. West Long Branch, NJ 07764 732-513-6807 Creating more business for your business

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SEO Trend 2015

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Local Businesses will start chasing mobile rankings 2014 saw a lot of local businesses stuck up in a tough position due to budget constraints and wasted ad spend that lead to unimpressive ROI metrics. In 2015, we’re likely to see more and more SMB’s chasing mobile rankings by optimizing their SEO strategy for mobile traffic using automated mobile search software, responsive website design, dedicated mobile apps, intelligent mobile UX tactics and locally optimized landing pages. This will not only drive measurable ROI for multi-location businesses but will give them maximum exposure on social platforms, thereby improving local listings based on genuine customer reviews. Though Google has recently started including a “mobile friendly” notation next to websites in mobile search results, newer search engine algorithm updates will also be focusing on citations and reviews for improved rankings in the SERPs. As…

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Why Most Social Media Experts Suck at Their Job!

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Most Social Media Marketing Experts Don’t Deliver! If there has ever been a title that has been overused, it would likely be “social media marketing expert.” Everyone seems to know at least one person out there who has called themselves a social media expert, but not everyone really seems to know one that is able to deliver the amazing results that they promise. Most people also know how to use Facebook, twitter, or Google Plus, but does that necessarily make them a de facto expert? Absolutely not! Just like knowing how to use a hammer won’t make you a master carpenter, just knowing the mechanics behind Facebook is not enough to make you an expert in social media. Sadly, most social media experts only know the mechanical or technical side of social media marketing, and that’s just not enough. Social…

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What SEO Tactics To Avoid In 2015

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What SEO Tactics To Avoid In 2015: Google’s Penguin algorithm change from April 2012 was targeted at decreasing search engine rankings of websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by blocking “now-declared black hat SEO techniques” that artificially increase a webpage’s rankings through link manipulation. This means you’ll want to make sure you avoid the following: – Spammy Backlinks: Delete inbound links from low-quality websites and link farms. – Exact Match Anchor Text: If your website is “,” do not use “West Long Branch Painting” multiple times as the anchor text link. – Optimized Anchor Text: Do not use the same anchor over and over. Try to use different anchor texts for every link and include naked URLs as anchor text links as well. It is also smart to use generic anchor text like “here” and “website” in order to avoid…

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Our Sevives

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The Graphics Guy is a full service design agency located in West Long Branch, New Jersey. Our clients come from all over New Jersey, New York City, and Florida to create cohesive brand identity integrated with state of the art digital design. Robert Hazelrigg – The Graphics Guy designs compelling brand experiences that elevate and differentiate our small business clients in the competitive marketplace. His knowledge and expertise in strategy, marketing, branding, web, print, advertising and promotions ensure your communications succeed at every audience interaction. He thinks strategically, research exhaustively and design innovatively to give you distinctive, cutting-edge brand experiences that inspire, without the common “everything but the kitchen sink” cost structure of other design firms. The Graphics Guy – Robert Hazelrigg is a results-driven creative art director with 20 plus years experience in corporate marketing and ad agencies. Also…

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